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29000 Meadowbrook Road

Novi, MI 48377


Between 12 & 13 Mile Roads

Sunday Mornings

Worship @ 11:00
Youth and Adult Classes @ 10:00
Children's Programs & Nursery all morning

Through the Week

Adult Small Groups
(Contact the church for times & locations)
Women's Bible Study - Wed, 10:00 am
(September thru May)
Worship Team Rehearsal - Thur, 7:00 pm
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Welcome to Crosspointe Meadows Church

We are glad that you are here. It may be that you are just beginning your own spiritual journey, or you may already have deep spiritual connections. We trust that you will find that this is a safe, accepting, and even fun place in which to seek truth at your own pace.


Our Worship Experience Style We use contemporary Christian music and timeless hymns of faith. We also use video presentations, drama, and other forms of expression. Pastor Danny shares a talk during the Worship Experience that brings together Scripture and teaching.


During the Sunday Worship Experience Pastor Danny shares a talk on a specific topic and Bible verses. In the old days (say, 2005) they were called sermons. Each month he focuses on a main subject, and all the talks relate to that subject. Here are some of the monthly series: “Lost and Found – Why Everyone Needs Jesus, and How to Help People Meet Him”; “Everyday Superheroes: The Daily Practice of Doing Good”; “Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?”; and “Making the Most with What You’ve Got”.


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Walking Trails

Thanks to Rick Range and the deer of Crosspointe Meadows, we have a series of trails available for walking and meditation. One of the trails begins at the end of the parking lot, and another begins at the southeast corner of our building, and a third at the southwest corner. Come and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.


The Top 10 Reasons
People Avoid Church

1. Boring or unfulfilling church services

2. Beliefs of the Church

3. Church's moral views

4. No need to

5. Prefer to do other things

6. "My beliefs are too weak"

7. The way churches are organized

8. Other commitments

9. Bad experience among church people

10. Not enough time because of work