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Worship @ 11:00
Youth and Adult Classes @ 10:00
Children's Programs & Nursery all morning

Through the Week

Adult Small Groups
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Women's Bible Study - Wed, 10:00 am
(September thru May)
Worship Team Rehearsal - Thur, 7:00 pm


Please select an MP3 file from the list below to hear recent Sunday messages from Pastor Danny:


Series: People Who Pray Change the World (Pastor Danny):

Podcast Prayer Stops Wars 02-18-2018 MP3 

Podcast Prayer Sets People Free 02-11-2018 MP3 

Podcast What Difference Does Prayer Make? 02-04-2018 MP3 


Series: All In: Totally Following Jesus (Pastor Danny):

Podcast Proclaiming 01-28-2018 MP3 

Podcast Giving 01-21-2018 MP3 

Podcast Following 01-14-2018 MP3 

Podcast Responding 01-07-2018 MP3 


Series: Getting Christmas Right: Why What We Believe About the Birth of Jesus Matters (Pastor Danny):

Podcast The Right Future for a Failed Humanity 12-31-2017 MP3 

Podcast The Right Love for Liberating Our Lives 12-24-2017 MP3 

Podcast The Right Joy for a Jaded Culture 12-17-2017 MP3 

Podcast The Right Peace for All People 12-10-2017 MP3 

Podcast The Right Hope for a Hurting World 12-03-2017 MP3 


Series: Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Thankful 24/7 11-26-2017 MP3 


Podcast Defined by Generosity 11-19-2017 MP3 


Podcast Cultivating Contentment 11-12-2017 MP3 


Podcast Financial Wisdom 11-05-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Real American Dream 10-29-2017 MP3 


Podcast Faith in the Midst of Crisis 10-22-2017 MP3 


Guest Speaker: Rev. Jeremy Langley:


Podcast Seasons of Change 10-15-2017 MP3 


Series: The Most Important Letter Ever Written (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Power of Hope 10-08-2017 MP3 


Podcast Is That Okay? 10-01-2017 MP3 


Podcast One Command 09-24-2017 MP3 


Podcast Let's Get Started! 09-17-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Great Question: What about the Jews? 09-10-2017 MP3 


Podcast Wow! 09-03-2017 MP3 


Podcast Meanwhile, Back at the Battlefield 08-27-2017 MP3 


Podcast Bigger Than Our Failures 08-13-2017 MP3 


Podcast The ABCs of Salvation 08-06-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Perfect Man and the Perfect Plan 07-30-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Gospel of Mud Volleyball 07-23-2017 MP3 


Podcast What has Gone Wrong? 07-09-2017 MP3 


Guest Speaker: (Jeremy Langley):


Podcast Painful Honesty, Powerful Hope 06-25-2017 MP3 


Fathers Day Sunday: Guest Speaker: (Renee Langley):


Podcast Fathers Make a Difference 06-18-2017 MP3 


Series: The Flame: Why the Holy Spirit Matters (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Flame of Gifts: How Spirit Gives Us Uniqueness as Followers of Jesus 06-11-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Flame of Learning: How Spirit Helps Us Grow as Followers of Jesus 06-04-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Flame of Sharing: How Spirit Helps Us Tell Others about Jesus 05-28-2017 MP3 


Podcast The Flame of Faith: How Spirit Helps Us Follow Jesus 05-21-2017 MP3 


Thanks, Mom! (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Thanks, Mom! 05-14-2017 MP3 


Happy Birthday Crosspointe Meadows Church (186 years) (Pastor Danny):


Podcast CMC: A Living Witness 05-07-2017 MP3 


From the Series: The Miracle of Mercy (Pastor Danny w/Special Guest):


Podcast Glorifying God through Worship 04-30-2017 MP3 w/Dennis Kosmoski 


Podcast The Mercy Seat 04-23-2017 MP3 w/Rev. Jeremy Langley 


Podcast Mercy Cares for the Lost 04-16-2017 MP3  


Podcast Mercy Gives Life 04-09-2017 MP3  


Podcast Mercy is Kind to Enemies 02-04-2017 MP3  


Podcast Mercy is Patient with Difficult People 03-26-2017 MP3  


Podcast Mercy Helps the Hurting w/Pastor Donnie Bryant 03-19-2017 MP3 


Podcast Mercy Forgives the Fallen 03-12-2017 MP3  


Podcast The Five Marks of Mercy 03-05-2017 MP3  


From the Series: The Power of Love (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Love Wins 02-26-2017 MP3  


Podcast The Love Conspiracy: How Small Acts of Love Bring People to Jesus 02-19-2017 MP3  


Podcast Love for a Lifetime 02-12-2017 MP3  


Podcast What Do We Mean When We Say 'Love'? 02-05-2017 MP3  


From the Series: Your Journey into Joy: Next Steps of Faith (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Thankful People on a Joyful Journey 01-29-2017 MP3  


Podcast Two Steps Forward... 01-22-2017 MP3  


Podcast Essentials for the Journey 01-15-2017 MP3  


Podcast Are We There Yet? 01-08-2017 MP3  


Podcast The Purpose of Your Journey 01-01-2017 MP3  


From the Series: Why Christmas Touches the Whole World (Pastor Danny):


Podcast From Generation to Generation: Jesus Will Always Be the Center of Christmas 12-24-2016 MP3  



Podcast The Magi: Long Distance Worshippers 12-18-2016 MP3  



Podcast The Shepherds: First Responders 12-11-2016 MP3  



Podcast Joseph: The Faithful Father of Jesus 12-04-2016 MP3  



Podcast Mary: The Humble Mother of the Savior 11-27-2016 MP3  


From the Series: The Valley of the Shadow: What to Do in the Dark Times (Pastor Danny w/Guest Speakers):


Podcast Healing Emotional and Spiritual Damage 11-20-2016 MP3


Podcast The Right Help at the Right Time 11-13-2016 MP3


Podcast What to Do in Times of Great Emotional Need 11-06-2016 MP3


From the Series: Faith Shapers: The Big Truths that Matter (Pastor Danny w/Guest Speakers):


Podcast What We Get Wrong about God Matters (Rev. Jeremy Langley) 10-02-2016 MP3


Podcast What We Get Right about God Matters 10-09-2016 MP3


Podcast What We Get Right about Scripture Matters 10-16-2016 MP3


Podcast What We Get Right about Belonging Matters 10-23-2016 MP3


Podcast What We Get Right about Commitment Matters 10-30-2016 MP3


From the Series: A Sure Faith in an Age of Uncertainty (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Keeping Up With the Digital Joneses (09-04-2016 MP3


Podcast Old Wounds and New Fears Meet the Great Healer (09-11-2016 MP3


Podcast New Wine in New Wineskins 09-18-2016 MP3


Podcast Calm in the Midst of the Storm 09-25-2016 MP3


From the Series: If I Could Start My Walk With Jesus Again... (Pastor Danny & Dr. Michael Williams):


Podcast The Journey of Faith (Dr. Michael Williams) 08-21-2016 MP3


Podcast One Thing 08-28-2016 MP3


From the Series: What Does That Mean? Four Words That Explain Why We Follow Jesus (Pastor Danny):


Podcast What Does 'Sinner' Mean? (Pastor Danny) 07-24-2016 MP3


Podcast What Does 'Faith' Mean? (Pastor Danny) 07-31-2016 MP3


Podcast What Does 'Sacrifice' Mean? (Pastor Danny) 08-07-2016 MP3


Podcast What Does 'Eternal' Mean? (Pastor Danny) 08-14-2016 MP3


From the Series: Learning to Pray from the King: The Lord's Prayer in Everyday Life (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Focus on God (Pastor Danny) 06-12-2016 MP3


Podcast Figure Out the Plan (Pastor Danny) 06-19-2016 MP3


Podcast Food and Forgiveness (Pastor Danny) 06-26-2016 MP3


Podcast Freedom from Evil (Pastor Danny) 07-03-2016 MP3


Podcast Faith in Our Future (Pastor Danny) 07-10-2016 MP3


From the Series: Preach It! Uplifting Messages from Uplifting Members of Crosspointe (Guest Speakers):


Podcast His Grace is Sufficient (Dr. David Gavin) 05-01-2016 MP3


Podcast Upside Down Joy (Renee Langley & Jeremy Langley) 05-08-2016 MP3


Podcast God's Love (Jessica Quick) 05-15-2016 MP3


Podcast Where is Your Focus? (Dennis Kosmowski) 05-22-2016 MP3


Podcast Gloom, Doom, and Glory (Jeremy Langley) 05-29-2016 MP3


Podcast I Am a Big Brother (Jeremy Langley) 06-05-2016 MP3


From the Series: Time to Recharge: A Guide to Sustaining Your Spiritual Life (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Overworked and Undercharged: Why Our Technology Is Killing Us 04-03-2016 MP3


Podcast Break Time: Stopping and Resting Will Help You Accomplish More 04-10-2016 MP3


Podcast Rhythms: Building a Life You Can Actually Live to Enjoy More 04-17-2016 MP3


Podcast Seasons: Joy and Hope in Every Stage of Life 04-24-2016 MP3


From the Series: Light & Life: Jesus in the Gospel of John (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Inside Information 02-07-2016 MP3


Podcast The Humble King 02-14-2016 MP3


Podcast With Us, Not Against Us 02-21-2016 MP3


Podcast More Than Meets the Eye 02-28-2016 MP3


Podcast The Good Shepherd and the Dumb Sheep 03-06-2016 MP3


Podcast Home 03-13-2016 MP3


Podcast Complete 03-20-2016 MP3


Podcast The Garden of Life 03-27-2016 MP3 Easter Sunday


From the Series: Project 366: How to Make This Year Your Year for Spiritual Growth (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Light Your Path 01-03-2016 MP3


Podcast Let's get Together and Talk 01-10-2016 MP3


Podcast Do the Right Thing(s) 01-17-2016 MP3


Podcast The Freedom of Giving 01-24-2016 MP3


Podcast A Breath of Fresh Air 01-31-2016 MP3


From the Series: The Messy Miracle of Christmass (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Poorest People with the Biggest Hearts 11-29-2015 MP3


Podcast God Can Even Use Tax Collectors 12-06-2015 MP3


Podcast Who Let Them In? 12-13-2015 MP3


Podcast Foreigners Find the Savior 12-20-2015 MP3


Podcast Did You Forget Christmas? 12-27-2015 MP3


From the Series: Daring Faith: The Key to Miracles (Pastor Danny and Guest Speakers):


Podcast Building a Life of Faith 10-04-2015 MP3


Podcast Expecting the Best 10-11-2015 MP3


Podcast Stretching Your Imagination 10-18-2015 w/Guest Speaker Pastor Jeremy Langely MP3


Podcast Taking the Initiative 10-25-2015 MP3


Podcast Facing Your Fears 11-08-2015 MP3


Podcast Believing While Your Waiting 11-15-2015 MP3


Podcast Be Sure to Say, 'Thanks! 11-22-2015 MP3


From the Series: No More Walls! Paul's Letter to the Ephesians...and Us (Pastor Danny):


Podcast What in the World Does God Expect Us to Do? 09-06-2015 MP3


Podcast How Jesus and His People are Rebuilding the Human Race 09-13-2015 MP3


Podcast One People, Many Gifts 09-20-2015 MP3


Podcast Your Equipment for Breaking Down Walls 09-27-2015 MP3


From the Series: Greatest Story Ever Told (Pastor Donnie Bryant):


Podcast Simply the Best 08-23-2015 MP3


Podcast 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told 08-30-2015 MP3


From the Series: Healthy Church: The Beliefs and Habits That Honor God and Help People (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Jesus-Focused Worship and Teaching 08-02-2015 MP3


Podcast Not Just Converts: We Make Disciples 08-09-2015 MP3


Podcast Love the One Message; Use Many Methods 08-16-2015 MP3


From the Series: Priceless Treasure in Cardboard Boxes (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Big Yes 07-05-2015 MP3


Podcast Life Letters of Recommendation 07-12-2015 MP3


Podcast Priceless Treasure in Cardboard Boxes 07-19-2015 MP3


Podcast New Creation, New Purpose 07-26-2015 MP3


From the Series: Hero's of the Bible (Pastor Danny w/Guest Speaker: Jessica Quick):


Podcast The Trusting Faith of Abraham and Sarah 06-07-2015 MP3


Podcast The Patient Faith of Joseph 06-14-2015 MP3


Podcast Jesus Said, "Father, Forgive Them" 06-21-2015 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Donnie Bryant) MP3


Podcast The Stumbling (but Resilient) Faith of Peter 06-28-2015 MP3


From the Series: Training for the Marathon of Life (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Everyone Needs a Mom and Dad! 05-10-2015 MP3


Podcast The Promise of Training 05-17-2015 MP3


Podcast Shooting the Rapids 05-24-2015 MP3


Podcast A Life of Forgiveness 05-31-2015 MP3


From the Series: Get a Life - Of Prayer! (Pastor Danny & Guests):


Podcast What is Prayer? 04-12-2015 MP3


Podcast About What Should We Pray? 04-19-2015 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Donnie Bryant) MP3


Podcast Praying Alone and With Others 04-26-2015 (Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Williams) MP3


Podcast Prayer & Action 05-03-2015 MP3


From the Series: Jesus Up Close and Personal (Pastor Danny):


Podcast God Won't Leave Us Alone 03-15-2015 MP3


Podcast A Strange Way to Save the World 03-22-2015 MP3


Podcast No Limit to Love 03-29-2015 MP3


Podcast Still Jesus 04-05-2015 MP3 (Easter Sunday)


From the Series: Route 66: Road Trip Through the Bible (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Unfolding the Map: What the Bible Is... and Is Not 02-15-2015 MP3


Podcast You are Here: How to Make Sense of the 66 Books in "The Book" 02-22-2015 MP3


Podcast Salad, Not Sausage: Recognizing What You are Reading in the Bible 03-01-2015 MP3


Podcast Road Signs and Rest Stops: Hearing From God Along Route 66 03-08-2015 MP3


From the Series: Disciple Shift (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Discipleship: Not a Spectator Sport 01-04-2015 MP3


Podcast Oh, Grow Up! Becoming a Mature Disciple 01-11-2015 MP3


Podcast Together: Why Every Disciple Needs Other Disciples 01-18-2015 MP3


Podcast Rediscovering the Gospel 01-25-2015 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Donnie Bryant) MP3


Podcast YOU Are the Light of the World 02-08-2015 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Jim Kent) MP3


From the Series: What the Christmas Story Can Teach Us Today (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Rescue 11-30-2014 MP3


Podcast Cooperation 12-07-2014 MP3


Podcast Guidance 12-14-2014 MP3


Podcast Humility 12-21-2014 MP3


Podcast Present 12-24-2014 MP3


Podcast Witnesses 12-28-2014 MP3


From the Series: I Am Thankful (Pastor Danny):


Podcast Thankful for Grace 10-26-2014 MP3


Podcast Thankful for My Church Family 11-02-2014 MP3


Podcast Thankful for Those Who Serve and Have Served 11-09-2014 MP3


Podcast Thankful In the Tough Times 11-16-2014 MP3


Podcast Thankful That I Can Be a Blessing 11-23-2014 MP3


From the Series: Restoration: The Power of Jesus to Change People, Nations, and the World (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Good News of Restoration - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Williams 09-28-2014 MP3


Podcast The Spirit That Restores 10-05-2014 MP3


Podcast The Restoration of the Human Race 10-12-2014 MP3


Podcast The Power of a Changed Life 10-19-2014 MP3


From the Series: How Jesus Wants Us to Share Our Faith (Pastor Danny):


Podcast The Fishy Business of Evangelism 08-31-2014 MP3


Podcast How to Ruin Good Fishing 09-07-2014 MP3


Podcast Fish Where the Fish Live! 09-14-2014 MP3


Podcast Bread for the Journey - Guest Speaker: Pastor Bill Walker 09-21-2014 MP3


From the Series: Commitment: The Power to Change Everything (Pastor Danny w/Special Guest Speaker: Shawn Quillman):


Podcast Commitment: Choosing a Life Worth Living 08-03-2014 MP3


Podcast Commitment: Are Your Values Leading Your Life? 08-10-2014 MP3


Podcast Commitment: What Jesus Wants Us to Do Right Here, Right Now 08-24-2014 MP3


From the Series: Four Kings: What We Need to Learn from Israel's Leaders:


Podcast David: Fully Devoted to God 06-29-2014 MP3


Podcast Solomon: A Gifted and Flawed Leader 07-06-2014 MP3


Podcast Hezekiah: Time to Clean House 07-20-2014 MP3


Podcast Josiah: The King Who Helped Create the Bible 07-27-2014 MP3


From the Series: Get Shorty: The Big Blessings From the Shortest Books of the Bible:


Podcast Obadiah: Don't Kick a Guy When He's Down! 06-01-2014 MP3


Podcast Philemon: How to Change the World 06-08-2014 MP3


Podcast 2 John and 3 John: Who are You Listening To? 06-15-2014 MP3


Podcast Jude: Best Blessing Ever! 06-22-2014 MP3


Podcast David: Fully Devoted to God 06-29-2014 MP3


From the Series: Love Your Neighbor, Part Three:


Podcast Inviting People into God's Family 05-04-2014 MP3

Podcast The Big Ask 05-11-2014 MP3

Podcast From Decision to Discipleship 05-18-2014 MP3

Podcast The Talk 05-25-2014 MP3


From the Series: The Challenge of Jesus:


Podcast The Surprising Jesus 04-13-2014 MP3

Podcast Jesus is Alive (and Still Challenging Our Assumptions) Easter Sunday 04-20-2014 MP3

Podcast Jesus and the End of Religion - Guest Speaker: Shawn Quillman 04-27-2014 MP3


From the Series: The Case for Faith in a World of Doubt:


Podcast Why We Must Have Faith and Reason 03-02-2014 MP3

Podcast The Case for Creation 03-09-2014 MP3

Podcast The Case for the Trinity 03-16-2014 MP3

Podcast The Case for Jesus 03-23-2014 MP3

Podcast The Case for Faith - Guest Speaker: Dennis Kosmowski 04-06-2014 MP3


From the Series: Signs: The Intersection of Heaven and Earth:


Podcast Communion: The Sign of Sacrifice 02-02-2014 MP3

Podcast Baptism: The Sign of Life 02-09-2014 MP3

Podcast Dedication: The Sign of Responsibility 02-16-2014 MP3

Podcast Set Apart for the Lord's Work: The Sign of Special Leadership 02-23-2014 MP3


From the Series: Love Your Neighbor, Part Two: Your Story, My Story, and God's Story:


Podcast Hearing the Story Behind the Story 01-12-2014 MP3

Podcast Signs of Spiritual Life in Strange Places 01-19-2014 MP3

Podcast Connecting with Spiritual Burnouts 01-26-2014 MP3